A satirical look at designer/player expectation.

A satirical look at the assumptions designers make about their players.

Carol Mertz
Class: Prototype Studio - 2019
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy    

“VIDEO GAME: a videogame???” is a one-week prototype made for the NYU Game Center’s “Prototype Studio” course, where we made a game prototype every week based on a set of constraints provided by the instructor. This game’s prompt was to create a prototype that required no instruction.

I often feel that games that don’t provide instruction favor established players over those who are new to the medium, essentially punishing new players for a lack of games literacy.  “VIDEO GAME: a videogame???” was made to function as a satirical addition to the conversation of this twitter thread I posted regarding tutorialization as an accessibility consideration.

Play VIDEO GAME: a videogame??? here.