I Love Lucy, Drake & Josh, now NYU Game Center

adh416 + ek2999 + tgr235
Class: VR Studio - 2018
Instructor:  Robert Yang    

Our sushi VR game involves the player receiving sushi on a conveyer belt, placing that sushi on a plate to match a corresponding order, and then placing the whole finished plate back on the conveyer belt to increase a score.  Any left-over sushi or incorrect order which passes through the outgoing slot of the conveyer belt decreases your score. If your score gets too low, you are “fired” and have to restart the game.

The game itself was inspired by the classic I Love Lucy – “chocolate factory” sketch scene, a scene where Lucy and her friend get a job wrapping chocolates coming out of a factory. However, the job gets increasingly impossible as the conveyer belt picks up speed. The idea for “sushi” as the food came from two reasons: 1) the ability to differentiate between types of sushi is easier than chocolate, and 2) the idea for a sushi conveyer belt was inspired from the show Drake and Josh where they did the exact same I Love Lucy scene except with sushi.

Initial playtests of the game went well, however, we kept having an issue with the plates not being able to hold objects. It seemed that plates wouldn’t react the same way other elements in the game would under Unity’s physics engine. This problem was temporarily fixed as the system we had set up seemed to break during every other playtest.