2017 Incubator Games

The 2017 NYU Game Center Incubator is currently running from June 1st to September 1st of 2017 in Brooklyn. Below are the seven games, made by eleven developers, working towards commercial launch this summer. For more on past developers check out this overview from our Industry Liasion or the teams from 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Deeper by Christopher Chung (& Desiree Cifre)

Dive with a friend into the beautiful, dangerous depths of the ocean and explore an intriguing world while conversations with your partner lead you into deeper narrative and emotional territory. 

Exquisite Dupe by Jonathan Ahern

Anybody can draw a cow, but it takes a true artist to create the essence of cow with only a tail, all the while misleading the dupe. Three players are given the correct word to draw in their own corner of the painting, while one player is duped into drawing the wrong word. Reveal the masterpiece, catch the dupe, and hope they can’t figure out the true subject in this networked, mobile game called Exquisite Dupe.

EXPOSURE by Brian Chung & GJ Lee

EXPOSURE is a game of intense hiding. Survive in an evolving environment by morphing between light & dark forms to camouflage from your predators. But be careful: you won’t be able to see yourself either. Adapt to seeing without looking.
More info on the game can be found here

Membrane by Seth S. Scott

Membrane is a fast, fun and creative puzzling adventure! Use your creativity to build, break and bend the world around you as you explore deeper into mysterious caves…and your own mind.
Previously shown at Brooklyn Brewery’s BQEs & Betas and Brooklyn Brewery’s Beer Mansion. Keep up on Twitter.

No Place by Burgess Voshell

No Place is a puzzle game where space collapses into nothing, the world shifts to make new connections, and every move is a catastrophe.

Rondo 6 by Prisyafandiafif Charifa & Keng-Kai Chang

Rondo 6 is a turn based, 2 player, competitive tactics game where players battle on triangular tiles by rotating opponent’s unit to create a deadly formation of crazy combos. It is a high level tactics game that focuses on building deployment strategy, creating a dynamic formation, and messing up your opponent’s plan!
Collaborators include Enggar Ajar Adirasa, Theria Asthen, and Tung-Cheng Wu. 

Shallow Games by Denver Coulson, Michelle Senteio, and Ben Sironko

Shallow Games is a jukebox of eclectic, fast-paced arcade games for 2 – 4 players! Featuring a diverse set of play styles, an emphasis on vibrant audiovisual design, short minute-long rounds, and simple one stick/one button controls, this is the perfect game collection to fit the mood of any gathering. Shallow Games are random, manic, bonkers, bouncy, colorful, competitive, noisy, button mash-y, and most of all down to party.
Shallow Games has been shown at festivals all over the world, including A MAZE. / Johannesburg, Boston Festival of Indie Games, Montreal Independent Games Festival, and more.