See us at GDC 2019!

Faculty, staff, and students from the NYU Game Center will be in San Francisco for the 2019 Game Developers Conference! Play our games, see talks from our alumni and faculty, and stop by our booth to chat with staff, students, and faculty!

Meet Us in Our Expo Booth!

North Hall, Near the IGF Pavilion
Wednesday & Thursday 10AM-6PM, Friday 10AM-3PM
Playtesting: 5-6PM, Wednesday & Thursday

Stop by our booth to play a rotating selection of games made by our students, faculty, and alumni, talk with students and staff about the program, and enjoy a slice of New York City in the Expo hall.

We’re also bringing our Playtest Thursday to GDC! For the last hour of the Expo on Wednesday and Thursday, anyone and everyone is welcome to set up their games in our booth. There, NYU Game Center faculty, students, and fellow conference-goers will give feedback on your games. Free and open to all!

See Talks & Play Games
From Our Faculty, Students, and Alumni


We’ve got a busy week at GDC, be sure to swing by a talk or check out our games at the IGF Pavilion, the Intel Student Showcase, and the Indie Megabooth!






  • PLAY: Losswords @ the Indie Mega Booth
  • PLAY: Hellcouch @ alt.ctrl GDC
  • PLAY: Circle0 & levedad @ the IGF Pavilion
  • PLAY: Visit Sig Gunnarsson (MFA ’15), Vanessa Briceno (MFA ’15), and more of our alumni and students at the Shut Up & Sit Down Board Game Lounge!


For more information on the conference, visit the GDC website!