Every year the NYU Game Center and the No Quarter Exhibition commission new work from upcoming and established artists working in games and related fields. This year’s show features the debut of the following games:

Quinzena by Michael Brough
Quinzena is a recently rediscovered 15th-century card game
involving secret bidding.

Follow by Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan
What is following anyway?

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs by Xalavier Nelson Jr. 
An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs is a game about navigating alien airports run by dogs. The dogs are not good at running airports, but they sure do try.

Party Baby by Karina Popp
Party Baby is not a game. You are at a party and there is a baby.
Please take care of my son.


More on each of the four No Quarter artists below:

Michael Brough 

Michael Brough is a forest goblin rainbow wizard.  He likes to dance and play and climb and grow.  He is known for his eclectic oeuvre of games especially Cinco Paus and the IGF-nominated VESPER.5, Corrypt, 868-HACK, Imbroglio and (with Andi McClure) BECOME A GREAT ARTIST IN JUST 10 SECONDS.



Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan

Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan is curious about the spaces between people and technologies, especially spaces related to expression, and connection. Marie delights in making tiny play experiments. Marie founded Wyrd Arts Initiatives, Weird Canada, and Drone Day and has worked with The School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe, A MAZE., and a number of other communities focussed on play, people, and technology.




Xalavier Nelson Jr. 

Xalavier Nelson Jr. is an award-nominated narrative director, game developer, writer, ex-PC Gamer columnist, IntroComp organizer, and MCV Rising Star. You might know him from his work on Hypnospace Outlaw, Can Androids Pray, SkateBird, We Are The Caretakers, or a dozen other things. He is very tired as a result, and appreciates your understanding.




Karina Popp

Karina Popp is a person living, making games, and teaching in New York City. Karina makes games about banality and bodies and labor. Her work has been selected at festivals such as the IGF, Come Out and Play, Now Play This, and Fantastic Arcade. Once she won several cups of change in a game design competition at GDC 2016. She received her MFA in Game Design from the NYU Game Center in 2016.


Poster art by Eltons Kuns. Find more of his work here.

Free and open to the public. 

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The NYU Game Center would like to thank our event sponsors: Fresh Planet, Take-Two Interactive, Dots, and Empire State Development. Their generous support makes our events possible.

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