No Quarter

Each year the No Quarter Exhibition premieres a selection of games commissioned by the NYU Game Center from independent game designers and developers at a free, public event.  For more videos of No Quarter Exhibitons, check out our Vimeo.

In it’s seven year span, No Quarter has helped fund the production of eighteen games in total, including award winners like Nidhogg and Hokra. Developers who have premiered new work at No Quarter include Terry Cavanagh, Zach Gage, Margaret Robertson, Ramiro Corbetta, Sophie Houlden, Bennett Foddy and Jan Willem Nijman. Each new work was created for the specific, social gallery setting of the Exhibition which brings out hundreds of people and is one of the anchoring events of the New York City independent game community.


Good Drawer

Brianna Lei


Ivan Safrin


Ethan Redd


Ayla Myers





Auriea Harvey

Inconsiderate Climbers

Droqen (Alexander Martin)

Garden, Eternity, Shape

Kitty Horroshow

Asta Grande

Pietro Righi Riva


Drawing Games

Holly Gramazio


Brendon Chung


Stephen Lawrence Clark

Breakup Squad

Catt Small

No Quarter 20152015

Beads of Orange Glass 

Loren Schmidt


Leah Gillman

Bum Rush

Nina Freeman

الموعود Al-maw’oud (The Promised)

Ramsey Nasser


“Each game boasted a sociopolitical element, not in the least bit overbearing but instead thought-provoking without obscuring the inherent entertainment element.” – Polygon 




Dog Park

Kevin Cancienne

Slam City Oracles

Jane Friedhoff


Naomi Clark

Corporate Vandals

Shawn Allen

“No Quarter games all had one thing in common: Each emphasized collaboration just as much, or more, as it did competition.” – Tom’s Guide


No Quarter 2013


Bennet Foddy’s Speed Chess

Bennet Foddy

Killer Queen

Nikita Mikros & Josh DeBonis

There Shall Be Lancing

Sophia Houldon

Split Tree

Matthew LoPresti

“At [No Quarter], the communal comforts of yesterday’s game spaces live on apart from the commercial arena they once occupied, acting as a testing ground for new titles from some of the world’s top independent developers.” – The Verge


3rd Annual No Quarter


Guts of Glory

Zach Gage


Jan Willem Nijman

Drunk Dungeon

Margaret Robertson

BaraBari Ball

Noah Sasso

“Play the next indie game sensations before everyone else.” – Kotaku


No Quarter 20112011

At a Distance

Terry Cavanagh


Ramiro Corbetta


Luke O’Connor

A Good Player is Hard to Find

Charley Miller

NYU Game Center isn’t the first place to accept games as they are, but as a well respected institution, it brings legitimacy to the whole field. ” – Kill Screen


No Quarter 20102010

Deep Sea

Robin Arnott


Mark Essen


Matt Parker

16 Tons

Nathalie Pozzi & Eric Zimmerman


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