No Quarter 2018

The NYU Game Center is proud to announce the 9th annual No Quarter Exhibition. Each year we commission four new games from four artists — our mission is to help nurture game design for public spaces and to support unique and bold voices in the game design community. Please join us on November 3oth at the DUMBO Loft in Downtown Brooklyn, to celebrate and play these ground-breaking games specially designed for the event.

No Quarter is always free and open to the public. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to be the first to RSVP when we open tickets.

Poster art by Joana Neves. Find more of her work here.





The 9th No Quarter Exhibition marks the end of my four year term as curator. During my tenure, I wanted to explore what “public games” means — games designed to be played and witnessed in the public sphere. But with the rise of game streaming and let’s plays in game culture, perhaps any game can be made into a public game. Maybe “public” is more like a verb.

So this year I’m prompting the artists with something more specific: to make a “mural game.” Murals are traditionally large format paintings, painted by more than one person, aspiring to represent collective ideas and values — and I think the mural is an excellent tool for thinking about how to “public” a game.

Each commissioned artist is interpreting “mural” in a different way, and I hope you’ll join us this November in Brooklyn to celebrate the premiere of these exciting new games by our selection of artists. 

November 14, 2018 Update: Unfortunately this year, Meg Jayanth had to step back due to some unavoidable personal circumstances, but we’re still excited to premiere new work from the rest of our artist lineup: Brianna Lei, Ethan Redd, and Ivan Safrin.  Now, we also didn’t want to leave this artist slot empty, so we’re bringing back a proud No Quarter tradition of featuring a recently released game that we love — so this year, we’ll be showing local NYC dev Ayla Myer’s Pong-inspired arcade RPG “Arpongi”!


Brianna Lei

Brianna Lei is a game designer and artist. She created a famously cursed game “Pom Gets Wi-Fi”, as well as the IGF nominated visual novel “Butterfly Soup”. She works professionally as a game writer and is constantly testing the limits of how many memes and Overwatch references she can weave into dialogue without being fired.


Ivan Safrin

Ivan Safrin is an interactive artist, programmer and game designer. He likes making games and experiences that bring people together in physical spaces and writing game engines and tools. He leads the Polycode game development framework and teaches game design and programming at NYU Tandon.


Ethan Redd

Ethan Redd is a multimedia designer/artist, consultant, and founder of the newly-minted Virtuoso Neomedia Enterprises. Redd boasts a signature style sporting bold colors, sharp silhouette, and lively, life-affirming charm. A self-taught jack-of-all trades and one man juggernaut, Redd believes in the power of art and media to inspire individuals to reach higher and push further in their own lives. His current projects are “Blazing Legion: Ignition” and “Killer Auto”


Ayla Myers

Ayla Myers is an independent game designer and developer based in New York City. She spends her time creating delightful games that were missing from the world. For the past year she’s been putting most of her energy into the PICO-8 fantasy console community, but she also streams game development on Twitch and creates beginner-friendly game dev tutorials on YouTube.