No Quarter 2014

The fifth annual No Quarter Exhibition featured games from talented NYC-based independent game developers Kevin Cancienne, Jane Friedhoff, Naomi Clark, and Shawn Allen.  Held in the Lower East Side at the late Waka Waka, No Quarter 2014 featured games ranging from a sticker-based turf war simulator to a card game about cross-species sexual consent.

To read more about the night in the press, check out this write up on Tom’s Guide, and don’t miss these articles on Consentacle, Dog Park, and Slam City Oracles from Kotaku.

Kevin Cancienne

Dog Park

A local multiplayer dog-’em-up! Become a dog as you chase, wrestle, cavort and gambol with other players in a chaotic struggle to have as much fun as you can.  Dog Park went on to present at Indiecade East 2015 at the Museum of the Moving Image, and its successor, Home Free, can now be followed on Kickstarter where it raised almost $100,000. Look for it on PlayStation 4 and PC soon!

Jane Friedhoff

Slam City Oracles 

A dance apocalypse simulator! Part Katamari, part Slave of God, and part Rampage, Slam City Oracles is about dancing so hard you tear down a city in the process.  SCO went on to present at Indiecade East, 2015, it’s site can be found here.

Jane Friedhoff is a creative technologist, game designer, and web developer. Her work focuses on how interactive digital objects can create new, unusual, and surprising relationships between people, and she is currently a creative technologist in The New York Times R&D Lab where she prototypes future interactions in news and media.

Naomi Clark


A card game for two players about trust, communication, sex, and non-standard body parts, Clark’s Consentacle would also go on to display at Indiecade East in 2015.  We’re also excited to note that Naomi has joined our full time faculty, read all about it here.  To read more about Clark and the game, including a PDF of the cards and rules, visit her website.

Shawn Allen

Corporate Vandals

Corporate Vandals is a fast paced turf warfare game using stickers on a board to spread your brand across the city of East Fulton (aka Beatdown City) and gain street cred.  The game would also go on to present at Indiecade 2015 at the Museum of the Moving Image, and its Tumblr page, replete with information and photos from the events, can be found here.