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Jordan Resin

Jordan Resin got his start making little Mario and Zelda fan games in Multimedia Fusion 2, but it wasn't until he played Studio Pixel's "Cave Story" that he realized a career in video games might be more than a pipe dream. He fancies himself a student of game design, illustration, animation, and creative writing, and aims to imbue his work with the kind of swashbuckling whimsy, action, and mystery of the many games that have inspired him.

Projects By Jordan Resin

Dance Defender

Why are you studying games?
To me, the medium of video games is one of the most fascinating and versatile art forms out there, with the potential to translate a creator's wildest fantasies and/or worst nightmares into personal experiences. Novels and movies can both be captivating windows into impossible worlds but, while they have their own advantages and I'd never call them inferior, only games can take an audience through the looking glass and into the realm itself. I want to study games so that I can give back to an art which has given me so much joy over the course of my life, and hopefully provide others with new and exciting dreams to discover.
What's the last great game you played and what's great about it?
Star Fox 64 would still be a great on-rails space shooter without branching and intertwining paths, alternative objectives, expressive characters, multiple endings, a trio of vehicles, a massive variety of enemies and challenging bosses, colorful graphics, and an endlessly replayable campaign, but Star Fox 64 isn't content to stop at greatness. It nails its foundation with satisfying combat, fluid aerial maneuverability and engaging level design, and just keeps building upon it with cohesive and surprising new layers. If soaring through space in an epic arcade battle against an army of mad monkeys sounds like your idea of a good time, you owe it to yourself to give Star Fox 64 a shot.