Explore your memories before its too late.

TR + Jordan Resin + Michael Poltronieri Tang + Ronojoy Mitra
Class: Major Studio: Spring - 2021
Instructor:  Clara Fernández-Vara    

Everywhere At The End of Time is a narrative-based, puzzle-platformer that explores the concepts of memory, relationships, and forgetting. Explore Escher-esque environments that degrade as you progress, all underscored by a reactive, real-time soundtrack.

EverywhereAtTheEndOfTime by RonojoyMitra


  • In alphabetical order:
  • Ronojoy Mitra – Project director
  • Michael Poltronieri Tang – Programming lead
  • Jordon Resin – Art lead
  • TR – Music lead
  • Brydon Yao – Narrative lead