Gorgeous, side scrolling puzzle adventure game.

Help Ebot make its way through juicy levels filled with challenging light-based puzzles!

Eric Teo + Emma Wang + Jingjin + Jing

Adventures of Ebot is a Windows game that is a side scrolling puzzle adventure game. The player is an assistant to a bumbling robot and tries his best to help the robot make its way to the end of each level. But it won’t be so easy as there will be challenges along the way but through clever manipulation of blocking and selecting appropriate body shapes, the player will succeed!


Adventures of Ebot was created to tell a story of a robot that just wants to go on adventures. However things are not that easy but with a little help, just like in reality, Ebot just might be able to make it! We wanted to bring the player along a journey that will eventually fill the player with hope when he finally completes the game! We aimed for a game that  dealt with the nature of light sources, specifically blocking and reflection, and we carefully crafted the puzzles to utilize these behaviors.



We are first year MFA students from NYU Game Center and we decided to collaborate with each other to create this game for our spring semester class. We have a mixed bag of experiences and initially had issues due to loss of a laptop which cost us some productivity. But we regrouped and reorganized ourselves and managed to pull through to deliver a polished final product.

Team members and roles

Emma Wang – Graphic design and game design
Eric Teo – Project manager and game design
Jingjin Liu – Game design and developer
Jing Zhao – Game design and developer