A small narrative driven point and click adventure game

Come back, explore your small hometown, and uncover the dirty politics of a rural town's gentrification into a bustling modern city in this classic point and click story.

Inno Spelman
Class: Introduction to Game Development - 2018


Chore is a small point and click adventure game I made for my Intro to Game Development Class.

I got to make an entire adventure game engine with cutscenes, puzzles, and animations which was really fun.  It taught me a lot about how much work goes into making a full video game.  You get to play as my (ex) girlfriend going through my old hometown in Illinois as I try and egg them to run for an upcoming election.  The narrative revolves around the urbanization of small suburban communities, the money that supports it, and the small town politics that tie everything together.  And it’s a great excuse to throw in a bad stand it for my awful former governor Bruce Rauner.

Have fun picking up coins and eating waffle fries <3

Play it here!