Tattoo. A. Squid.

No seriously, tattoo a squid.

Nate Smith
Class: Intermediate Game Development - 2020
Instructor:  Greg Heffernan    

Can be found on

INK is an ultra-realistic tattooing simulation experience, wherein the player must re-create my tattoos on an anatomically-correct, photo-realistic 3D model of my body. I chose this topic because as I was thinking about meaningful moments in my life; I kept thinking about the meaningful experiences I’ve had getting tattoos and I wanted to see if I could recreate that in a game.


INK is very much in the vein of my past games – simple concept, unorthodox controls. I had a really simple plan (a tattoo machine moves along and around a round body and it uses a LineRenderer to make the tattoo)  and I finished it relatively quickly within the first 3 weeks. The last part of development was all of the fluff around that – pause screens, UI, scene transitions, sound + music etc.


The most fun part for me surprisingly was working on the music, making the models, and watching it all come together. The least fun parts (and the parts I had the most difficulty stopping) was bringing all the separate elements together and with scene transitions and management of functionality between different scripts.


My best decisions were just around coding – which classes I made static instances, which I employed inheritance in etc. I think the code just works pretty well and is pretty straightforward. Additionally, I’m really glad I fully commented it so that I can use it as a portfolio piece.


My worst decision was probably just the subject matter, because Unity isn’t particularly well set-up for that kind of game, but in the end I think it turned out well.