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Fan + Mai Hou
Class: Thesis II - 2021
Instructor:  Winnie Song      Naomi Clark      Matt Boch    

Nainai’s Recipe is a game that captures the cooking feeling in stylized visuals. And a family story about how we lived together in a special way during 2020.

  • Maximum control – no preset ingredient slice texture, no performance-oriented steps,  we want you to enjoy cooking a meal from start to finish.
  • Food to a larger food tradition – We curated a stylized kitchen with strong flavor about a Chinese kitchen, including appliances, condiments, and food choices.
  • Bonding moment with Nainai – During this difficult period of time, you will have more chance than ever to talk to your Nainai and know her story!

Nainai’s Recipe is our thesis game made at NYU Game Center with support from Winnie Song, Naomi Clark, Matt Boch, Bennett Foddy, Ethan Redd, Hosni Auji, Alina Constantin, Hao Fan, and MFA 2021 classmates

Game Website: https://nainaisrecipe.com