A digital museum of the stories that came before August 2017 - and are still with us today

Palimpsest is a journalism game about the history of white supremacy in Charlottesville, Virginia prior to the 2017 Unite the Right rally.

Elizabeth Ballou
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy    
 Mitu Khandaker      Frank Lantz    

Set up like a digital museum, the game features interviews with experts on the history of the African-American, Monacan, and Jewish communities that have inhabited Charlottesville for centuries.

Interviewees: Caro Campos (University Guides member), Drs. Jalane Schmidt and Andrea Douglas (leaders of the “Marked By These Monuments” tour), Dr. Phyllis Leffler (expert on the Jewish community of Charlottesville), and Dr. Jeffrey Hantman (author of Monacan Millennium).

An MFA thesis project.