A top-down cooperative tactical shooter about risk, trust and sacrifice.

Zack Zhang


Devblog: http://saviors-dev.tumblr.com/

Advisors: Frank Lantz, Chris Bell


In a future dystopian world, players are called upon to go on a mission to save the world.

All human-beings’ minds are controlled. They become slaves of a mysterious organization, except for you.

You task is to sneak into their bases and destroy the machines that control people’s mind.



Saviors is a game with procedural generated levels and permanent death. Two layers of gameplay are incorporated in the game:

  • In the tactical layer, players find a way to reach the machine and destroy it, killing or avoiding enemies on the way.
  • In the strategical layer players use the resources they collect in enemy bases to maintain their ship and research techs. Players choose their missions and loadouts strategically to finally beat the game.




Saviors is designed with diverse weapons and equipments that have different tactic values, which enables players to explore various play styles. Players that have different skill levels and love different games will find a composition to collaborate.

In a level, the players have to come up with a plan, and then carry it out. The decisions and mistakes they make also create a interesting player story which can be shared with friends.