A vast wilderness. A mysterious past. An ancient legend.

While on a trip to lush, rural Iceland to meet her family, a young child becomes acquainted with a cousin who soon goes missing. Setting off to investigate the disappearance alone, the child begins to uncover secrets of her family's mysterious past. Experience a mystery that evolves as you play.

Ajali Harrison + Christian Weinschenk + Rowan Wood + msf399 + Parker Crandell + Spencer Bernstein
Class: Intermediate Game Design - 2018
Instructor:  Naomi Clark    


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Art- Ajali Harrison, McKenna Flanagan,

Writing- Spencer Bernstein, Parker Crandell

Sound- Christian Weinschenk, Spencer Bernstein

Puzzle Design- Parker Crandell, Rowan Wood

Programming- Rowan Wood, Spencer Bernstein, Parker Crandell