Who doesn't love DnD inspired games?

In this platformer, you play as an elf named Aeslith. She is the first person to ever travel into the plane of the divines, but of course, is met with adversary. Her journey has the potential to change the tides of the god's reign...will she accomplish her goal?

Ariana Barry
Class: Introduction to Game Development - 2018
Instructor:  Mitu Khandaker    
Awards: This game is based off a piece of history from my DnD campaign I made for my friends. Basically, this is a game for them, though one day I hope to expand on it and make it into something everyone can enjoy. The idea is that you enter the god's domain, they are acting on the defensive, not enjoying the prospect of letting a mortal into their domain as this could potentially alter the balance of power. Each area is a different god's realm, where in the first section you fight a revered champion of the god and then in the second an aspect of the god themself. Though the game is still in its early stages, you can play the prototype here on my itch.io page: The Sacred Trials