Four-Player Social Board Game by Jade Wang, May Li, Charlee Liu, and Eric Ni.

Ever wonder how you and your friends would fare as castaways on an island? Now you can experience all of the friendships, hardships, and shipbuilding you could ask for! In this four-player social game, players will manage a shared resource pile that dwindles at the end of each day. You have the freedom to work together and escape or steal and turn against your fellow survivors. Remember, there’s only an ‘I’ in Island!

Eric Ni
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2019
Instructor:  Jeff Petriello    

Four players are either struggling to survive and escape the island together or remember their selfish instincts and escape individually. Players will have to survive the different fates of the destiny cards, manage shared and personal resources, and build a makeshift raft to escape with or without their fellow castaways, so it’s bound to lead to interpersonal betrayal and troubles. The winner of this game is whoever can survive and leave on the raft, may it be a group or an individual.