Death awaits the weak. Are you strong enough to survive?

Aaron Shanty Kuthoor
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2021
Instructor:  Jeff Petriello    

The Tomb of Terror is a game that has a very heavy focus on narrative and map exploration the game is trying to emphasize cooperation and create very strong game experience for the players. Our goal was to combine elements of role-playing and competitive strategy in a very cohesive way.

With the drive to focus on Lich involvement and engagement in the game we created a soul system that allowed for the lich to do various tasks on their turn such as summon monsters or draw spell cards. This of course means that the lich themselves had many different strategies they could employ. Along with the soul system, the trap system allows the Lich to place barriers and set up the board in the way they saw fit as well as adding more traps that keep the game interesting. Although the other traps are placed in a completely random fashion, it doesn’t take away from the overall experience of wondering through a tomb in search of the phylacteries.

Heroes have stats and abilities that allow them to feel unique and influential in the game. These stats can help them narratively in traps and events or even combatively. This leads to interesting strategies in terms of team make-up and paths of going through the tomb. We think that the different and very unique choice for heroes as well as the complex game strategy of the Lich can lead to new and exciting outcomes in every single game. Overall, The Tomb of Terror has taken the typical one versus many game to a whole new level. With the new narrative aspect as well as enhanced combat the game brings a new and enriching experience to all new players.