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Rachel Geng

Rachel is a Bay Area based game designer with a focus in illustration and visual development. With a love for storytelling mediums and their ability to represent and touch human lives, she strives to create a breadth of unique and thoughtful experiences. Highly engaged, she has worked in games as an instructor, student organization leader, and GDC staff, and professionally as a Product Designer at Facebook, flourishing in an environment where she and her teammates can grow and produce their very best. twitter: @koloquials | portfolio:

Why are you studying games?
I genuinely believe games have the power to affect the lives of others, to ask questions and express experiences no other medium can. Maybe it's a lofty goal to have, but I want to see how much kinder the world can be with the games I create.
Describe your favorite project made by a classmate.
Doubt they'll ever upload them, but the coursework some of my peers have made in Pixel Prototype honestly give me so much respect for their design, programming, and storytelling abilities. Tiny week-long projects that really pack a punch — they were a big inspiration!
What's your secret weapon?
My ability to stand up to systematic inequality and rally my peers to do the same. And you know what, one and only reader of my bio? You can do the same. gamers, rise up,
What's your favorite New York City spot?
The High Line, an elevated garden strip that sprawls over an otherwise abandoned New York railway. When it's snowing and it's a little emptier it's really pleasant to just stroll across it and listen to some music.