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Mary Georgescu

Mary Georgescu is a 1st generation American-Romanian game designer, author, and artist and with a Bachelors in Fine Art with a minor in Art History from LIU Post and a Masters in Visual Narrative from SVA. She founded Haiduc LLC, a medium agnostic, narrative focused game studio in 2018 and has, so far, fully funded one game on kickstarter. She is actively showing and talking about games and art at conventions around the United States and is an upcoming panelist for C2E2 2020 on "Making Multicultural Games” and is a guest panelist at BreakOut Con 2020 on "Drawing at the Table - maps, characters, monsters and more!" She was also a guest game design judge at Geek Girl Con 2019 for the fun mystery box challenge, designed for getting all ages engaged in creating their first game! She guest lectures about pixel art and game design, mentors new designers and artists, and takes on freelancing work for small indie designers which can range from sensitivity reading, research, editorial, layout, artwork, and design.