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Jonathan Otcasek

I currently live and work in New York City. As a probably very unsurprising factoid, I'm an avid gamer, digital and board. I love video games of all types and I host TTRPG sessions every week. I have an affinity for all things busy and baroque. I'm in the process of learning how to pare down. I also love Rock n' Roll, the guitar, architecture, literature, and since recently, cooking.

Projects By Jonathan Otcasek

The School VR


Why are you studying games?
Because I've loved video games my whole life and want to make a few of my own!
What's your secret weapon?
Passion and determination. Or... the ability to stay up really late.
Describe one memorable lecture, assignment, or exercise you've had at the Game Center.
There was a lecture in Games 101 where we learned about M.U.L.E. and I'm forever grateful because that's an excellent game.
How has the Game Center changed your thinking about games?
The Game Center has expanded my understanding of how different mediums can come together and be used to create games. Since starting my MFA I've had the pleasure to experience projects which have crossed and re-crossed the boundaries between the physical and the digital, which has been really eye-opening.
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
Design some more games!
What's your favorite New York City spot?
Katz' Deli. Try the Reuben (it's good!!)