Single story generator using only 5 lines to tell a story and has over 2 million possible combinations!

Eric Teo + Angela Lee

One Day is an interactive story generator that creates poetic snapshots of a survivor’s life. Sentences, images and music are knit together to form small glimpses into the daily life of a survivor. With up to 2.5 million possible combinations each story is unique in its own way. One Day is simple and easy to navigate so anyone can sit down and enjoy the quiet atmosphere the game creates.



When the player starts a new day sequence, 5 unique sentences will be randomly selected from a list of 52 pre-written sentences. The 5 sentences will then display one by one to the player. As the sentences are displayed, related art and music will also appear in timing with the sentences to form a scene. At the end of a sequence, the player will see the full composite image. The only action needed is for the player to press SPACE to read the next line or start a new day.



We are very excited and happy at the final iteration that the game is currently at as it combined what we were looking for and our objectives when we decided to work together to advance this project further. There are still quite a few things we can look at like improving our visual language and also increase the player experience by including appropriate and poignant audio language and we hope to be able to finally release this complete experience for iOS devices in the future.

Wonderful art provided by Angela!

Try it here One Day