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Julian Hyde

Julian Hyde is interested in all kinds of games. He organized Journey to the End of the Night in the Twin Cities and designed Object Get, which appears at Come Out and Play, the Steel City Games Fest, and IndieCade. He was a founding member of LARP HOUSE, a midwestern larping collective that runs american freeform and nordic larps. He also likes to make video games and weird computer things and is made mostly of meat. His favorite game is Apocalypse World and his favorite video game is probably Spelunky.

Why are you studying games?
Games are very powerful.
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
I would like to make many games but also to take the perspectives and skills I developed making games and apply them to other areas, like art or social networks or theme parks. When you get the boundaries of what we traditionally call games and start messing around there, really interesting things can happen.