An asymmetrical cross-platform puzzle game.

Charlie Harper + Jingyi Li
Class: Thesis II - 2021
Instructor:  Matt Boch      Winnie Song      Naomi Clark    


3-5 Players
( 1  client + 2-4 Browser players)

Combining the immersive experience of a first-person escape room with a layered multiplayer browser game, The Official Teamwork Test (TOTT) introduces innovative cooperative play to 3-5 players. Both sides of this gameplay equation must work together to achieve the ultimate goal: complete, print and deliver “Quarterly Reports” to your manager at Big Corporation Inc.

One person on the team is given the role of Team Leader and can freely explore the office space where the test takes place, while the rest of the team logs into each session via a web-portal to assist. A randomized set of perilous risks and locked doors keep them from reaching the end. The browser teammates use minigames to guide the Team Leader through the client-side game, complete the “Quarterly Reports” and boost the final score.

A Potentially Deadly Event

You are about to enter an overbearing, dangerous, but professional space. Highly charged electrical sparks, lava, rows upon rows of locked doors await you on your teamwork test. But dying is not acceptable here in  Big Corporation Inc.! After all, you can always count on your teammates, right?

Don’t make THE game, make YOUR game

Chris Plante, the instructor of Intro to Game Journalism once said, “Don’t make THE game, make YOUR game. It is in this thesis project that we truly grasp what he meant. It is not about following successful AAA or Indie standards, but finding out what we love, what makes sense for our players, and what makes sense in our game. We are proud of this small, personal game called The Teamwork Test and look back at this experience as a testament to our perseverance and teamwork. We thank you for your time and hope you feel this passion in your TOTT experience as well.