A short yet interesting story

Jingyi Li
Class: Game Studio I - 2019
Instructor:  Matt Boch    

So, a visual novel?

Yep! Uncle Harvey is my first visual novel, made and polished within 3 weeks individually. It tells the story of a little girl getting to know her uncle for the first time. You, as the player, reveal the story by selecting the dialogs and making choices. The game is about 10 minutes long, and there are 3 endings in total.

What is special about it?

When I am alone, crazy/funny ideas emerge in my mind. For me, imagination is a friend who can blow away the lonely feeling. I sometimes imagine that the characters in paintings have spirits and they can think, talk, and move, like those in Harry Potter films. That’s the inspiration for the story of Uncle Harvey. Harvey has a magic ability that he can talk to his drawings.

Play this game on itch.io

This game is available here!

Dev Tools

Level design – Unity & Fungus plugin

2D visual arts – Aseprite & Photoshop

In-game Art