Lecture Series


Established in 2009, the Game Center Lecture Series brings leading game design and game scholarship figures to the New York game development community. These lectures are open to the public and have been the occasion for many extraordinary standing-room-only events. The series has become a catalyst for the New York game scene, serving as a gathering point for local game developers and journalists as well as students and faculty from NYU and other NYC schools.

Past speakers include Double Fine Productions’ Tim Schafer, former NYU President John Sexton, co-founder and former president of thatgamecompany Kellee Santiago, and Professor Janet Murray from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Since 2011, most Lecture Series talks have been filmed and archived on our Vimeo page. You can access the recording and a short description of the topic by clicking the speakers’ names below.

Robert Yang | David OReilly | Jane Ng | Austin Walker | Zach Barth | Mink ette
Matt Boch Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris |  Games Studies at 20 | Harvey Smith
Playstation VRKatherine Isbister | Auriea Harvey | Naomi Clark | Matt Parker | Masayuki Uemura | Jane McGonigal
Jon Peterson | Natasha SchullAnita SarkeesianDragon Age: Inquisition | Cara Ellison | Yoichi Wada | Adam Saltsman
Charles Pratt | Bennett Foddy | Clara Fernandez-Vara | The Ludic Century Debate | Bernie DeKoven
Harvey Smith | John Sexton | Mary Flanagan | Jesper Juul | Chris Melissinos | Douglas Rushkoff | John Sharp
Jordan Mechner | Tim Schafer | The Ivory Tower Defense | Richard Lemarchand
Erik Wolpaw | Richard Garfield | Kellee Santiago | McKenzie Wark | Chris Hecker | NYC Makes Games | Janet Murray
Heather Kelley | The Game Journalist Panel | Alex Galloway | A Casual Revolution | Indie Game Panel | Clint Hocking | Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Eric Zimmerman & Katie Salen | Marc LeBlanc | Warren Spector | Jonathan Blow | Ian Bogost

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Art of the Game Center Lecture Series

The NYU Game Center commissions a poster for each Lecture Series entry. From 2008 to 2013 Rachel Morris helped define the strong visual style of the department, illustrating all of the Lecture Series posters. Recently we’ve worked with a number of other talented artists including, James Harvey, Winnie Song, Christina-Antoinette Neofotistou, Isaac Wong, Dana Terrace, Michael Rapa, Eltons Kūns, Elle Michalka, and Jiyoun Lee-Lodge. Below is a collection of their illustrations.

Hang the art of the Lecture Series in your home, office, or wherever you need to cover up a wall. NYU Game Center posters are available to purchase here.