Lecture Series

The links below are recordings, either podcasts or video, of the NYU Game Center’s ongoing Lecture Series. This page will be updated with new recordings as they become available.  Alternatively, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of our lectures here.

Tim Schafer
Tim Schafer, the creator of innovative, stylish, and humorous games such as Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and Brütal Legend discusses his life and career in dialogue with Game Center Director Frank Lantz and answers audience questions. Fresh off his record setting Kickstarter campaign, Schafer discusses his company Double Fine, and what it takes to make great games in today’s industry.

Erik Wolpaw
Erik Wolpaw is a video game writer currently working at Valve Software who has earned numerous awards for his work. He has contributed to well-known games such as Half-Life and Psychonauts and his work on the Portal series is widely considered to be a high-water mark of game writing and interactive storytelling.

Richard Garfield
Richard Garfield creator of Magic: The Gathering, the game that introduced the collectible card game genre. An accomplished game designer and math professor, Garfield has created a number of other board and card games in his career and has just recently begun designing digital games including titles such as Spectromancer and Schizoid.

Kellee Santiago
Kellee Santiago, co-founder and president of thatgamecompany, is a game designer whose focus is on expanding the range of emotions players can have when exploring game spaces. Along with Jenova Chen, she has assisted in the development of Fl0w, Flower, and their upcoming title, Journey.

McKenzie Wark
McKenzie Wark is a writer and scholar who has authored several important books about technology, new media, and digital culture. He is an Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies and best known for his works Gamer Theory and A Hacker Manifesto.

Chris Hecker
Chris Hecker is a game developer with over 15 years of experience as a designer and programmer, an outspoken and influential thinker, an important advocate for experimental and independent games and most recently noted for his multiplayer game of espionage, Spy Party.

NYC Makes Games Panel
Panelists Wade Tinney, Zach Wilson, and Lewis Kofsky discuss the unique challenges and opportunities facing game development companies in New York and their thoughts on how the local scene will evolve and continue to grow in the future.

Janet Murray
Janet Murray is the former director of Georgia Tech’s Masters and PhD Program in Digital Media, and the author of the groundbreaking and influential book Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace.

Building the New Arcade
Heather Kelley of the Montreal-based development collective, Kokoromi, speaks about their now four year old game competition, Gamma.

Games Journalist Panel
Panelists Leigh Alexander, Stephen Totilo, and Jamin Brophy-Warren discuss the present and future of games journalism.

Alex Galloway – Philosophy and Games
Professor Alex Galloway, author of Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture, talks about the long relationship between games and philosophy.

Casual Games Panel
A short lecture by Professor Jesper Juul on his book A Casual Revolution, followed by a panel discussion with Nick Fortugno, Mia Consalvo, and Wade Tinney.

Indie Games Panel
This panel featured presentations and a discussion with independent game developers Mark ‘messhof’ Essen (Flywrench, Jetpack Basketball), Jonatan ‘Cactus’ Söderström (Psychsomnium, Clean Asia), and Anna Anthropy (Mighty Jill Off, Calamity Annie).

Eric Zimmerman & Katie Salen
Eric Zimmerman is a writer, game designer, and teacher of game design. Katie Salen is a writer and teacher based out of Parson’s School of Design. Together they authored the seminal textbook Rules of Play.

Marc LeBlanc
Marc LeBlanc has been game designer and programmer for many years and is one of the creators of the MDA Framework.

Warren Spector
Warren Spector is a legendary game designer who has had a hand in creating seminal games such as Ultima: Underworld, Thief, and Deus Ex.

Jonathan Blow
Jonathan Blow is an independent game developer whose game Braid is one of the most popular games on XBox Live Arcade.

Clint Hocking
Clint Hocking, pioneering game designer whose work explores new directions for blending narrative and gameplay. He was the Creative Director on Far Cry 2 and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Ian Bogost
Ian Bogost is a writer and theorist on video games who has published the books Unit Operations, Persuasive Games, and Racing the Beam, which was written with Nick Montfort.