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Eric Teo

Avid gamer (both video and tabletop), I am currently the editor for my podcast about boardgames ( I also produce written reviews ( as well as video reviews ( primarily in the realm of boardgames. I particularly enjoy how tabletop games bring people together regardless of gender, race or age group and am glad that its enjoying a golden age of sorts right now!

Why are you studying games?
I have been enjoying games all my life and with my interest into tabletop games, I want to learn the "ropes" so to speak and be able to create great games through good design practices and techniques.
What's your secret weapon?
My immense knowledge of the boardgaming industry ;p
How has the Game Center changed your thinking about games?
It has broaden my horizon in terms of the types of games available and what their implications and impact can be in society. It makes me more mindful when I am designing games.